Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life at my previous job

Was going through some Steven Meisel photos and found this picture which I kind Thought of sum up my feelings working at my last Job.
I also thought it would be nice to have a portrait done by Mr Meisel.
Quite funny! Non? 


LVFREAK said...

Seriously...I am so happy for you lar. Now I'm just counting down... shhhhhh.... hahaha... *haiiii* Oh! I think the client(you can email me for details) has dropped the job. Sorry.. I thought it wld go thru as the person they needed was so you. But nvm there's always nx time!! I must tell you thishhhh... I am buyin the chanel classic FINALLYYY!!! I'm a total convert nw. I still heart LV tho'... ^^

Anonymous said...

the caption for the pic =
" please officer, don't crush my MIKIMOTO pearls, you can crush my colar bones...but just not the pearls....uhhh..." ~

hey, think of other captions & pose, I mean post them. ~~

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