Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kent Rogowski

Wow! look at these puzzles by artist Kent Rogowski. He combines different sets of puzzles to create these painterly pictures. Wish I had tot of this. Genius!


Anonymous said...

...have the funny feeling your friend,Yu Matsui the jounalist would love it too...flower POWER!
~SF Atrial Res

Anonymous said...

I admire those who think outside the BOX...did some research...

FACTS= The invention of the jigsaw puzzle has been attributed to English mapmaker John Spilsbury, circa 1767. He glued maps to a wooden board backing and cut them up along geographical lines. Teachers used Spilsbury's puzzles to teach geography Students their geography lessons by putting the maps back together.

There is also some evidence that the Dutch had jigsaw puzzles about a decade earlier.

Around 1840, in both Germany and France, puzzle makers began cutting their puzzles with the interlocking snap-in patterns familiar to puzzle fans today.

"Die-cut" cardboard jigsaw puzzles began to appear around 1890.

In 1909, Parker Brothers stopped making games and devoted its entire factory to producing jigsaw puzzles.


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